he is hyper sexual and im the polar opposite, will we ever be happy

I am not sure that a marriage is meant to last together. My husband and I have been together for five years now, and although we have a lot of things in common, I still can’t believe how much we have drifted apart. I left London escorts to be with my husband and now I can’t believe how much we have changed. Since we got married, my husband has discovered his bisexual side and has gone totally sex mad. I knew that I had some bisexual tendencias when I worked for London escorts at https://www.westmidlandescorts.com, but since I got married, I think that they have all but died away.

The other day, I just knew that I had to say something to my husband. Just as he was going out the door and to work, I asked him if he thought that we would ever be happy. He gave me this kind of funny look and asked me what I had meant. I told him that I had given up a very good career with London escorts to be with him, and now I felt that everything had gone wrong. From the expression on his face, it was clear that he did not know what to say, but it is true, I gave up my job with London escorts to be with him.

Since then we have drifted apart so much that I am not sure that there is an us anymore. I went out to lunch with my former colleagues at London escorts the other day, and I felt I could have burst into tears at any moment. That is honestly how upset I feel about my marriage and I really don’t know where we go from here. My friends at London escorts totally understood how I felt and tried to comfort me. I was not prepared for this sort of thing to happen, and I am not sure that I am in love anymore.

If I am not in love with my husband anymore, I do have a few options open to me. I could go back to working for London escorts, or I could carry on and see if I can get a promotion at work where I am working now. Fortunately I have my old flat still, and getting some income from it. I guess that getting divorced would not change my work status, and I could always go back to living in my old flat on my own.

What should I do? It is so hard but I do feel very badly let down. I really don’t want to go back to London escorts. When I left, I had been escorting for some time and you can say that I went out on a high. Going back to London escorts now would mean that I would have to business build again, and I am not sure that I have got the energy. I work in a supermarket at the moment, and I do like my job. It is not perfect but I work with some great people. My job would pay all of my bills, and if I sold my engagement ring and saved a bit, I would not be too badly enough. I guess I could sell all of my designer handbags as well. The girls at Tesco are not really into designer handbags. Oh boy, my life has certainly changed in the last few years.