Lessons In Love.

What lessons in love have I learned since I started to work for London escorts? When you work for a London escorts agency, you quickly learn that the path to genuine love is not always smooth. I know that many escorts in London find having their own personal relationship a real challenge. I can understand that it is difficult for a man to date a woman who works for a charlotte London escorts agency. After all, accepting that someone is an escort is not easy.  

I am not sure that many London escorts who are “active” as we like to say in the industry, actually have boyfriends. Relationships are often something that London escorts have to put on the back burner if they want to continue to work as escorts in London or anywhere else for that matter. Sure, I have met men that I have found attractive and that have found me attractive. But when I tell them that I work as an escort in London, they often end up running a millions miles.  

Ending up without a partner for years at an end, is challenging for London escorts. Maybe this is why so many London escorts are bisexual. I have met a lot of girls during my career who were not bisexual when they first joined London escorts. But as time has gone on, they have changed and are now bisexual. It does make me wonder if they have changed just naturally or if working for London escorts have changed them. Maybe they have had to adapt out of sheer frustration if you know what I mean.  

Would I like to be in a genuine relationship with a guy? I would love to be in a good relationship with a guy. What do I mean by? I mean that I would like to be in a relationship who loves me no matter what. It should not matter to him that I work for a London escorts agency. If it does matter to him, it will mean that something is wrong from the start, and the relationship will never work out. That is not the kind of relationship that I would want to be in, you would know that you are doomed to fail.  

Are there London escorts who are in relationships? Of course there are London escorts who are in relationships. Many of the girls who have live-in partners or are in serious relationships with men, date male London escorts. I guess that is not a bad idea. You both know what it is like to work for a London escorts agency and you can talk about it. As far as I am concerned, that matters a great deal when it comes to being in a relationship. Who knows, maybe one day I will meet a gorgeous guy who works for a London escorts agency and fall in love? I think that is the best way, or maybe I should wait until my escort’s career is over to try to find the right man for me.