What are the odds of finding love?

Today I will tell you what a nuclear physicist and us The search for aliens can learn more about the search for love! Well, scientists don’t know precisely how love works. Or what he makes with our brains, however that’s the topic of another video. However what We Understand is that in every culture, practically everyone in the world, we go in search of love. With another 7 billion individuals, how can it be so hard to find love?! Often we ask ourselves, “Where is everyone?” That was what Enrico Fermi asked, except that he was speaking about extraterrestrial life.

Fermi believed: with billions of stars and worlds in the galaxy, 13 billion years must be enough for a civilization to stand up and say “Hi! The “N star” is the number of stars in the Milky Method, the least expensive estimate is 100 billion. “fs index p” is the part of the stars with worlds which, as NASA (Kepler objective) now claims, is 100% planet for every star!

According to a recent price quote, this is 2.5 billion potentially habitable planets, let’s replace 4%. “fs index l” are the worlds on which life would in fact develop, just recently computed at 13%. This leaves “fs index i” for the part where intelligence progressed, the “fs index c” the part that established technology and “fs index L” the time for which a civilization exists before it damages itself. The last three are hard to count, so let’s use Carl Sagan’s numbers to be sure, because we rely on Carl. Put it on a calculator and you will get 52,000 possible communicating civilizations Yes, it’s a total quote, but it’s a clinical price quote, so it’s fine.

I think that suggests we have no factor to feel lonely if we remain positive.