When we first met

Jayden and I have been together for 6 years now, he still hasn’t popped the big question yet but I am a patient girl and I know he is the one for me, he is my forever soul mate so I am happy to wait to be his wife. The girls at london escorts thing I’m mad but they don’t understand. Most of the women at london escorts don’t have a long term relationship they like the thrill of dating different me all the time.

The story of how we first met is quiet an interesting one not as romantic as a movie with Jennifer Lopez but I think back on it fondly as it’s our first meeting. Jayden is an architect and has been contracted on some massive projects and in his spare time works on products for free with a charity that builds accommodation for homeless children. One weekend after my shift at london escorts from Charlotte Ilford Escorts I went to the grocery shop to pick up a few bits for the rest of the weekend. I remember the day perfectly as it was raining so heavily and the down pour came just as I got out of my car. So I rushed to the bus top before the grocery store and sheltered there for a while whilst the rain calmed down. Down the road I hear someone struggling and through the hazy rain I see someone scrambling to collect what looked like blue tubes from the wet ground. There must have been about 25 of these blue tubes but my vision was distorted but the heavy down pour of rain.

I hesitated as I wanted to help but really didn’t want to get causing in the rain. After a few seconds I decided to brave the weather and rushed over to help. In my hast as I got within inches of him I slipped and landed ass first in a huge puddle splashing muddy water all over him and crushing some of his tubes. I was so embarrassed. Now as a london escort your not easily embarrassed with some of the things you see and do but I went bright red, and apparently so did Jayden – because he was so furious with me for destroying his blue prints. All I heard was cuss words as Jayden stormed away from me leaving me on the floor. I literally froze and a short while later I hear a disgruntled voice say “here” and a long arm reach down to help me off the floor and on to my feet. He sheltered me with his coat and we rushed to the bus stop.

I looked up at him and opened my mouth to say sorry, but me interrupted me saying “your clumsy, and just fucked up 3 months worth of work” I looked down in shame. Then Jayden said “I’m Jayden, thank you your effort to help was sweet” I looked back up at him and managed to give an embarrassed half smile and mutter “I’m Sarah”. As the words left my tightly gripped lips our eyes met and I just fell into his golden eyes and locked into his gaze. I literally fell in love in that second.

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