Why does he keep coming back. 

I have a friend at work call Maria. We spend practically every day together in and outside of work. When we are on shift at London escorts we make sure we start and finish at the same time and when we are not at the London escorts agency we are either at each other’s houses or out together. We are the definition of BFF’s. last year Maria started dating this guy call Emanuel. He’s a few years younger than us but he’s pretty mature and didn’t have my insecurities about her working for one of the best and busiest cheap London escorts agencies. He treats her well and most importantly doesn’t impede on our girly time together so I’m pretty cool with him. 

But for the last 6 months Maria has been complaining about getting bored with him. She even admits to taking extra shifts at London escorts at https://escortsinlondon.sx just so she can avoid dates with him. I have noticed that when he calls she is exceptionally rude to him. Using a harsh tone and not really showing him any respect by listening to him at all. I kinda get embarrassed for him to be honest. But just like clockwork he will still call and show up to her apartment baring sweet gifts or offering to take her to london escorts to start her shift. 

The sad thing is that she doesn’t even try to hide her annoyance with him. One day we had a long day shift at London escorts and I just had to ask her why she was so mean to Emanuel, he seemed like such a nice guy. Maria told me that the kind of man she wants is an assertive one and that Emanuel is too soft. His voice is soft his approach to work is soft even his sex is soft Maria exclaimed. Maria went on to tell me that she wanted a man who would take control and dominate her like her dates at London escorts. She loves to role play but Emanuel is too shy and I think that was the last straw for her.

So I asked Maria why she doesn’t just break up with him if this is how she feels. She sighed, and said I have many times but he just keeps coming back it’s like he doesn’t believe her when she says they are over. I was so shocked when she told me that I almost missed a booking at London escorts. I couldn’t understand why Emanuel wouldn’t take the hint she’s just so mean to him. 

Anyway Maria and I finished our long shift at London escorts and left the office. And low and behold Emanuel was there waiting outside the London escorts agency office in his Mercedes ready to take Maria home. We both looked at each other and she rolled her eyes. I left her to it and jumped in my car and headed home. I just can’t believe he keeps coming back.